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Channel announced as winner of x3 Impact Awards for 2023:  

  1. Private debt provider of the year
  2. Impact initiative of the year (North America)
  3. Impact project/investment of the year: Financial Services (including fintech) 

Channel supports the innovation economy with short-term, flexible and non-dilutive funding, often with an eye towards sustainability and impact initiatives. For example, Channel teams up with a world class technology platform to support affordable high-speed internet connectivity for low-income households in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), earning it three awards in this year’s IMPACT awards. 

The ACP brings digital connectivity to underserved communities. Eligibility is determined by Poverty Guidelines and includes families enrolled in federally sponsored housing, affordable housing programs. Through its provision of private short-term funding, Channel supports the funding of ACP internet service providers (ISPs), which may otherwise struggle to offer services to harder-to-access communities of underserved residents. 

In the post-pandemic world, broadband and digital connectivity has proven to be a socio-economic equaliser, adds Channel. However, with nearly 20 million households signed up to the ACP, some fear the programme may run out of funding as soon as 2024. 

“Channel is proud to be one of few private debt/fintech providers to ACP participants including ISPs via its unique partnership with technology platforms. With funding now in question, Channel is bridging the gap in private debt markets to support households in federally supported housing in rural and urban areas alike,” said Walter Gontarek, CEO/chair of Channel. 

When reporting on impact, Channel says it has ESG and impact evaluations integrated across its investment process. Periodic transaction monitoring includes monitoring progress, and reporting on ESG matters and impact matrices. 

“Our portfolios are underpinned by our well-established security selection criteria, which combines impact and ESG considerations of the investee companies with sectoral analysis. Our ESG due diligence process identifies material ESG controversies and evaluates ESG risk management practices in our underlying companies,” added Walter Gontarek. 

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