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We are pleased to announce that Channel has just closed a mezzanine funding facility for a leading fintech lending platform operating in several European jurisdictions. Our client provides funding to SMEs, which utilises advanced analytics, that enables technology for superior credit decisioning and portfolio monitoring supported by experienced lending staff.

Paul Wilson, CIO – Channel Funds, commented “We were impressed by their track record and are delighted to be working in partnership with our partner going forward. They will use this mezzanine facility to free up equity capital, which they can now use to fund business expansion. Our investment is secured on the portfolio at a mezzanine level, in cooperation with the senior lender”.

This transaction is an excellent example of how Channel funds can add value to our partners’ business growth plans, whilst delivering exception returns for our investors. With senior lending advance rates adjusting to new market realities, our investments at the mezzanine level support the growth of fintech lending platforms serving SMEs in Europe, UK and North America. This is the latest in a growing series of transactions in this sector by Channel as raising new equity capital remains challenging for fintech lenders.

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