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As part of our ongoing giving, charitable and socially-driven activities, Channel is proud to announce our support along with Julita Lange for HERA (Her Equality Rights & Autonomy)

Founded in 2005, HERA mobilises resources to prevent and redress the £115 billion/annum business of human trafficking and re-trafficking. HERA works with women survivors of trafficking, conflict, exploitation and other forms of violence. It also works with young women vulnerable to trafficking and re-trafficking to pursue their aspirations and ambitions for a better life and career/professional goals.

Walter Gontarek, CEO & Chairman of Channel commented “The presentation given by Lynellyn and her team was both moving and thought provoking. It is unimaginable to think that the scale of human trafficking exists today. The work done by HERA looks provides women opportunities to break free and forge their own path. This is further evidence of Channel’s commitment to align firm resources with our values.

Lynellyn D. Long, Ph.D. responded “This funding will help to support 4-5 women-owned ventures in high trafficking areas of Eastern Europe to create more local employment opportunities for women and prevent dangerous migration. Thank you to the team at Channel and Julita Lange in making this joint donation for making a big difference in the lives of HERA women”.

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