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Channel Capital

We are thrilled to announce that Channel Capital Advisors has been shortlisted for the ‘ESG Governance Transformation of the Year’ award, at the upcoming ESG Awards 2021 #ESGawards.

The ESG Awards showcases ‘the best ESG performance focused on transparency, excellence and progress in ESG integration and provides a forum for companies to compare and celebrate their ESG improvement and performance against their peers’.

We wish the other nominees good luck and if you want to find out more about the ESG Awards visit:

Channel is committed to being an ESG leader within the debt capital market space. We have developed a three-step approach to our ESG integration that takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Channel seeks to promote responsible investments that i) are beneficial to society as whole, ii) support sustainable growth, diversity, and the enhancement of human rights and iii) treat all stakeholders fairly. Thus, investments that finance projects that excessively or unnecessarily damage the environment or deplete natural resources should be avoided.  Similarly, projects that i) exploit labor, in particular those that exploit children or other vulnerable people, ii) have discriminatory practices with respect to hiring or promoting employees and/or iii) exploit local communities should be avoided. Additionally, Channel expects that companies and their management, shareholders and persons of significant influence should i) act in a responsible and transparent manner, ii) not engage in bribery or other forms of corruption, iii) abide by rules and regulations and iv) treat all stakeholders fairly, including clients, customers, employees and the local community.

Our three step approach to ESG is:

  1. Group-wide exclusion policy
  2. ESG assessments in all investment approaches – both at firm and fund level
  3. Engagement with clients — Improve company’s management of material ESG risks and issue through systemic engagement

Moreover, ESG materiality is of outmost importance to us. We have developed four lines of defence to monitor ESG materiality throughout the investment cycle – we leverage internal research conducted by our analysts (sectoral, country, and client due diligence) alongside third party data providers to score all our assets and borrowers. We also knowledge share with our partners and peer sin the market to ensure ESG integration is done in a manner that not only helps us but meets global sustainability (SDG) targets.