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We’re pleased to announce the completion of a 144a and Reg S compliant note issuance targeted at the institutional investor market. Our client is a third generation, family owned global business prominent in the luxury sector. This transaction fulfils their longstanding aim to obtain committed term financing against their inventory and trade receivables with US and European institutional investors. They were keen to further diversify their funding sources away from traditional banks, and term out their financing profile for five years, while remaining cost effective. We’re delighted to have been instrumental in making this happen.

Channel provides cash and program management services and was responsible for the successful structuring and placement of this transaction. We delivered this in partnership with leading organisations including a global US investment banking firm, global insurers, legal advisors, and other service providers.

Hilmar Hauer, Head of Debt Products, commented: “This was a key transaction for the issuer to enter the institutional capital markets  for the first time, in order to diversify funding sources and extend their borrowing term. We are pleased to have closed this transaction with leading global investors, despite increasingly challenging finance market conditions in 2022. This marks the start of a long term partnership with our client and we are expecting to materially upsize the transaction within the next 6 months.”

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