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Powering our partners with capital and data

to responsibly grow their businesses

Helping our Partners and their B2B clients to responsibly grow their businesses

Our data-driven platform provides rapid and responsible finance to better support our Partners:

  • We are building a digital network to facilitate purpose-driven finance and sustainable SME lending with a suite of dedicated funding options
  • For several years, we have embraced cloud-based solutions, open-banking, and alternative data in order to drive customer experience and produce better outcomes for SME, partner and investing Partners
  • We are committed to easy API integration and the provision of seamless B2B finance – characterized by automated decisioning and rapid funds disbursement
  • We consider the use of alternative data and ESG metrics to enhance our investment and monitoring processes

The current state of the SME lending market

Channel Capital Advisors

SMEs are the backbone of the economy
24 million SMEs in Europe
85% of employment,
60% contribution to GDP

Channel Capital Advisors

SMEs have insufficient finance
1/3 of SMEs in Europe cannot obtain finance

Channel Capital Advisors

Incumbent lenders have failed to provide adequate funding
due to restricted risk appetite and legacy systems

Channel Capital Advisors

Some lenders face data or tech limitations and thus can not reduce funding gaps to borrowers

Our solution

Channel combines risk analytics and alternative data and capital to provide a frictionless funding experience to our partners globally.



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Channel Capital Advisors



SMEs engage our Partners for their lending needs


Data is transmitted to Channel Digital via agnostic APIs for rapid capital deployment by our partners


Channel Digital matches the SME funding need to the risk appetite of our investors

Benefits to Borrowers

  • Channel commands a global institutional investor base and manages its own fund suite with an investment focus in financing short-term credit strategies for digital lending, embedded lending and B2B investments
  • Channel offers bespoke working capital facilities with multiple year financing terms, tailored eligibility and off-balance sheet potential;
  • We have extensive experience in financing assets from the e-commerce, SaaS, BNPL for B2B, technology and luxury sectors
  • Channel also provides investors digitalized (cloud-based, API centric) cash and program management services to provide aftercare reporting to global investors

Channel has successfully managed over $9bn of working capital facilities for our Partners.

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