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As this is #mentalhealthawarenessweek2022, we are focussing on the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it. According to the recent report published by HSE (, in recent years prior to the pandemic, the rate of self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety have shown signs of increasing. In 2020/21 the rate was higher than 2018/19 pre-coronavirus levels.

Since the onset of the Pandemic in 2020, Channel Capital Advisors has been working in partnership with Uplift Mental Health Jaimie Shires. This support includes mental health related webinars and Wellness Chats which provide an opportunity to speak privately & confidentially with a counsellor to discuss specific issues (be they personal or work related). These informal coffee talks are designed to provide practical advice, tips and tools.

Earlier this year, our team took part in the “Managing One’s Energy” webinar which explored the link between energy, mood and wellbeing. It provided us with clarity and an understanding of the biggest energy drains and factors that influence energy and wellness, together with tips on restoring energy imbalances.

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