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Our CEO Walter Gontarek and digital credit leaders from the alternative investment, AI/risk decisioning, SME sectors and academia met last week at the Department of Economics and Management (Università degli Studi di Pavia) – COST Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance to consider rapid changes underway today in digital lending.

The panel was entitled “Digital Credit: Intended & Un-intended Consequences”. Walt welcomed an expert panel including Diederick Van ThielGabriella KindertEugenia Macchiavello and Ronald Kleverlaan to debate the following themes:

• The role of owners/founders of non-bank lending platforms in driving or mitigating unacceptable levels of risk-taking,
• The role of big data and AI in making rapid lending decisions,
• The impact of SVB, higher debt costs and lower availability of venture equity,
• The role of regulatory authorities in non-bank lending across the EU.

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