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Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

Channel, its partners, and staff support selected philanthropic programmes in the UK and globally with a commitment of both human and financial capital. We have selected higher-impact charities for support through the provision of technical assistance and financial capital, of which we are currently focussing on three specific charitable organisations;

Shelter Them

Shelter Them’s Mission is to empower vulnerable and underprivileged children in Rwanda, by first ensuring they are integrated in an environment where their basic growth and development needs are met, and by providing them and their families with the tools and resources they need for these children to have a bright, independent and sustainable future.

Channel have the privilege of working closely with Duarte Pedreira, a member of the Shelter Them team, through this Channel have seen the incredible work this grassroots charity does – we are proud to support Shelter Them Rwanda financially and other ways to make a difference in today’s world.

Channel Capital Advisors
Enabling data-driven lending for our Partners & Investors to support SMEs growth through working capital solutions.

Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation is a UK registered charity working to alleviate poverty and sow the seeds of sustainable development. Its mission is to help individuals and families in the poorest regions of the world by setting up microfinance, education, and medical Greenfield operations “one community at a time”.

In 2011, Green Shoots Foundation launched its first pilot project, Education Loans in Mumbai Slums (“ELiMS”) which aims to benefit the daughters of impoverished families. Deborah Hutchinson, a Channel partner, serves as Trustee and chairs the Audit and Finance committee.

UK charity number 1138412. For more information, see

GreenShoots Foundation

Children of the Mekong

Children of the Mekong is a London-based charity and the UK branch of “Enfants du Mekong”, a French NGO founded in Laos in 1958. Its mission is to “educate, train, and support the children and youth in Southeast Asia to enable them to improve their material living conditions and to develop intellectually, emotionally and morally”.

Children of the Mekong operates in Burma, Cambodia, China (Yunnan), Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam and run a series of programmes such as child sponsorship, education centres, foster care houses and development projects.

UK charity number 1116375.

Children of the Mekong

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